Wednesday, January 07, 2015

M Charm Mini Slimming Massage

M Charm Mini Slimming Massage

RM90 SEM / RM95 SS

SMS.CALL 011 3211 4566
WHATSAP . TELEGRAM 019 451 1649


Available in 2 colors : Red / Purple

Boleh digunakan pada bila-bila masa dan senang di bawa ke mana sahaja sebab saiznya yang ringan boleh simpan dalam beg je. Sesuai digunakan untuk menghilangkan lenguh-lenguh badan, mengurangkan kesakitan otot, untuk memecahkan lemak degil kerana gegarannya mampu membakar lemak bagaikan anda berlari 2 pusingan padang, bayangkan berapa banyak lemak yang mampu dibakar kalau anda gunakan setiap hari semasa anda di office? Design untuk kehidupan yang lebih sihat sesuai dengan kehidupan masyarakat sekarang yang sentiasa sibuk. Sangat sesuai dijadikan hadiah untuk yang ibubapa tersayang.


1. Combine slim and massage, it is really a perfect fat loss project. By beating the fatter on special part it will make your weights loss more effective. Adjust your muscle shape. By massaging way just like from person it will fasten bowl movement and help your digestion and absorption
2. Simple and easy: even at your busiest time it still works effectively, just be away far from dieting and hard exercise program. It is suitable for those persons that can not have exercise for healthy reason. On watching TV, reading magazine and playing online, jus use it at easy.
3. Combine fashion and multifunction, it is beautiful and modern. Just enjoy your slim at easy.
4. It massages by special vibrating way on fixed position and have your shape more perfect.
5. Adopting Mini Volume design, it closely fits your all different parts and make your body slim overall.
6. Make your parts slim on arms, thigh and shank. Then you will have much better body.
7. It can work by five kinds of massaging procedures at different levels of strength and totally meet all your requirements.
8. Simple remote-control board makes your use it easily.
The M Charm Mini is ergonomically designed to fit your arm, calf or thigh. It utilises Osimotion massage technology to help you shape and tone these problem areas effortlessly. For best results, use the M Charm Mini together with the M Charm to achieve total body toning.

Item Type:Massage & Relaxation
Brand Name:Smartcare
Model Number:W104
Color:Red, purple
Function:slimming, body-shaping
parts:Leg, calf, arm.


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