Thursday, April 03, 2014

Fine Life 6 Pcs Pop Up Spice Rack

Description : Fine Life 6 Pcs Pop Up Spice Rack

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Poslaju RM7 sm / RM10 ss
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Spice up your dishes with special herbs and spices in this practical POP-UP SPICE RACK it's a neat way to keep your secret ingredients fresh and organized!

Whether youre the newbie housewife or professional-slash-weekend chef, your kitchen area will certainly look more professional with the Spice Rack Set on your countertop. This is truly indispensable kitchenware as the lids are made with the patented Oxiloc system that creates an airtight seal for storage. Ask any chef and theyll tell you that keeping herbs, salts and spices in an airlock container is key to keeping them fresh and to lock in their flavors. When you want to use your herbs, simply pop open the lid and sprinkle on your stews, omelets and sauces then pop the lid back down to reseal.

The containers can also be hoisted on each of the branches of the stand to take up less space on the countertop. These also feature clear finish containers so you can see when its time to refill them and what spices and herbs are inside.

Now you dont have to keep small plastic bags with rubber bands lying around haphazardly because you can organize your favorite ingredients in the Spice Rack Set!

Adding a little extra flavor to a dish doesnt take much effort, but having to hunt down ingredients at the back of a packed kitchen cupboard does. 

A fun, convenient way to store spices is to put em all in a little treea tree-like spice rack, that is. The six-piece set has see-through containers with green pop-up rubber lids that keep unfresh air out and full flavor in, and are easy to use. The spice containers hang from the branches of the main stand, suspended from a surface, so they dont add to the crowd of appliances and doodads on the kitchen counter.

Sama ada anda suri rumah newbie atau tukang masak profesional-slash-hujung minggu, kawasan dapur anda pasti akan kelihatan lebih profesional dengan Rak Spice Tetapkan pada countertop anda. Ini adalah benar-benar sangat diperlukan dapur sebagai penutup yang dibuat dengan sistem Oxiloc berpaten yang mencipta suatu meterai kedap udara untuk simpanan. 

Tanya mana-mana chef dan mereka akan memberitahu anda bahawa menjaga herba, garam dan rempah dalam bekas airlock adalah kunci untuk menjaga mereka segar dan untuk mengunci rasa mereka. Apabila anda mahu menggunakan herba anda, hanya pop buka tudung dan taburkan pada stews anda, omelet dan sos kemudian pop penutup kembali ke reseal.

Bekas juga boleh dinaikkan di setiap cawangan pendirian untuk mengambil ruang yang kurang pada countertop itu. Ini juga memaparkan bekas penamat yang jelas supaya anda boleh melihat masa sudah tiba masanya untuk mengisi semula mereka dan apa rempah dan herba berada di dalam.

Kini anda tidak perlu menyimpan beg plastik kecil dengan jalur getah terletak di sekeliling tidak berdisiplin kerana anda boleh menyusun bahan-bahan kegemaran anda di Set Rak Spice!

• 6 keping ditetapkan dengan penutup getah pop-up
• Sebuah rak bergaya dengan reka bentuk yang elegan untuk melihat anggun dan moden
• bekas melihat-melalui yang mudah menambah rayuan visual
• A must-have accessory for every kitchen
• Setiap bekas memegang sehingga 4oz rempah kegemaran anda

- Keep herbs, salts, spices, condiments in an airlock container,

- 6 - piece set with pop-up rubber lids,
- A stylish rack with an elegant design for a sleek and modern look,
- Convenient see-through container adds visual appeal,
- Keep unfresh air out and full flavour in,
- A must-have accessory for every kitchen,
- Each container holds up to 4oz of your favourite spices.

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