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Feet Mask (7 Pairs) Harga Murah

RM 35.00 - Semenanjung
RM 40.00 - Sabah / Sarawak
FREE POS - 7 pairs - 1 Box 

Kulit kaki berkamatu? kasar? hodoh?
Kini anda tidak perlu risau, Japanese Foot Mask boleh mengatasi masalah anda!

Masker Kaki berteknologi Jepun ini amat mudah digunakan, membuat kulit kaki lembut dan halus. Bukan hanya pada tumit kaki, hujung jari kaki dan tapak kaki, malah seluruh kaki anda!

Mudah dan Ringkas, hanya guna sekali sahaja.

Containing natural bamboo vinegar essence, effectively soften horniness, milk fermented extract ,nourishing the skin, improving foot cracked and rough, and reducing foot peculiar smell.

1. After cleaning and drying the feet, take out the foot mask from the packet.
Notise:this feet mask does not with foot cover ,we advice you to use it with preservative film
2. Put on the foot mask and preservative film, and press the preservative film of the mask to get the feet close to the essence.
3. About 45 minutes later, remove the foot mask and rinse out before wiping out with a dry towel.
4. After foot cleaning, apply some foot lotion to keep the feet moist and smooth.

Hand mask Hand Skin Whitening & Moisturizing Mask

RM 35.00 - Semenanjung
RM 40.00 - Sabah/Sarawak

one box one pair (7 bags a box)

Efficiency:Whitening &moisturizing
The hand mask is rich in milk protein ,with a light fragrance
7 pairs a box ,disposable product can not reuse.
Applicable skin: hand dryness
Clean hands with warm water , then put on the hand mask ;use a pair of gloves which has elasticity to make the mask tightly stick one the hands, or use a towel to wind-up ;after 30 minutes , tear it off ;clean hands with water ,daub some hand cream.

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