Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Frozen Fruit Ice Cream Sorbet Ice Cream Treat Dessert Maker Machine 

RM 120 - SM

RM 130 - SS


What's in the Box:
•1 x Plunger
•1 x Chute & Blade Cover
•1 x Blade Cone
•1 x Gasket
•1 x Bottom Cap
•1 x Base
•1 x Electrical cord
•1 x Instruction Manual

Do you love ice-cream, cupcakes, candy or any sweet treats? Do you fight the urge to indulge daily? Do you feel guilty after enjoying a delicious,fat-laden, calorie-loaded dessert? Wouldn’t you love to eat

“dessert” forbreakfast, lunch, or dinner, and your doctor would
recommend it as a healthy part of your diet. With yonanas, you can!

Frozen Fruit Ice Cream Maker is an amazing and super easy to use machine
that can turn frozen fruit into a delicious and healthy soft treat. It uses frozen bananas as
its main ingredient and other frozen fruits to churn out a wonderful soft ice-cream
consistency with no fat, sugar and preservatives.

Instant Ice Cream
All you need to get started is just chuck some fruits into your freezer and let it freeze up
overnight. And the main ingredient here to produce a frozen yogurt like consistency is
bananas. Just peel the frozen bananas and chuck them in the Yonanas machine together
with other frozen fruits such as various berries, grapes or mangos to produce a delicious
and super healthy ice cream. You don’t always have to use bananas for the main ingredient;
with other fruits you can create a more sorbet like ice cream instead. Besides fruits you
can even mix it up with other ingredients such as dark chocolate and peanut butter
together with your frozen bananas. The results will be a perfect smooth ice cream
that you can share with your entire family. 


Give in to Endless Possibilities
With the Fruit Yogurt Dessert Maker, you can make a soft-serve dessert with just pure
bananas. You can also put other fruits into the chute to cream them up into a yummy
treat. Here are a few recipe ideas that you can do:

•Delight in a sorbet on a hot summer’s day. Be sure to combine sweet fruits—like mangos—with a tart slice of pineapple to make it extra refreshing.
• Make voluptuous soft-serve in a daring flavour combination. Just cream up the
• bananas in the Fruit Yogurt Dessert Maker, and mix it with a drizzle of chocolate 
• syrup before adding finely-chopped mint.
• Stop dreaming about a no-bake pie that’s easy and satisfying, and just make one
• yourself! Crush Graham crackers and press them into a pie tin to harden up in 
•the fridge. Then, combine bananas with strawberries and apples for a light yet 
•decadent dessert.

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